About us

Who we are

Eurospring was founded in the 1970s in Brescia, to supply some of the most important industrial, and agricultural vehicle manufacturers with suspension systems.

We set up the “aftermarket” department in 2005 to produce replacement springs, leaves and suspension arms and cater for a growing number of traders and commercial clients.

Why Eurospring?

We have a powerful mix of both experienced people and enthusiastic newcomers, focused on creating not only a finer product, but also a better and faster service to ensure the high standards that this sector needs. Strict controls of materials and components from partners and
suppliers ensure the highest quality in the choice of the steels and of all the products we sell. 

High quality standards are certified by IS0 9001:2015 One of the strengths of Eurospring is that we can create springs that perfectly meet the OEM customer’s specific needs. We work with thousands of part numbers, from the very oldest models to the latest, and are always adding to our product range

Over 40 years of experience are a guarantee of the highest quality at every level in this market, as is the importance we give to research and development which enables to compete with bigger companies worldwide.

Our certifications